About Us

Energy Consulting, Inc

We can assist you with any of the following:

Research & Strategy

  • Identify market potential and counterparties (knowledgeable about multiple markets throughout the U.S. & Canada)
  • Prepare and develop long-term power origination proposals, including complex mid & long-term contracts
  • Research power and REC markets
  • Develop contact database and manage industry relationships
  • Significant experience in developing structured energy transactions and power contracts

ISO & Utility Interaction

  • Assist with filings, interconnection agreements and structures, and the interconnection process

Marketing & Sales

  • Establish project pricing and marketing strategies
  • Contact potential counterparties to determine their market position and needs
  • Presentations to potential counterparties

Negotiate & Close

  • Negotiate and close physical and financial agreements

Manage & Renew

  • Manage power sales contracts
  • Interface with and support project development, finance and accounting personnel
  • Build, maintain, and improve customer relationships